Hi & Welcome Two weeks completed on the Bigshot Weight Loss Challenge and happy to share that I’ve shed 10lbs. That is a lot of unnecessary pounds gone and good riddance to them– the other part of this saga is I’ve got another 46lbs to go. Let’s get it done! Today I thought it would […]


“Fortune favours the Brave”

Hi & Welcome Today I thought it would be a good idea to spend some time blogging about one of the key components of creating and attaining wealth. Organised Planning I have taught many students about that everything man creates or acquires begins with the form of desire that is taken on the first lap […]

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Introducing – Lyprinol

Lyprinol® is a natural, highly purified oil extract from the Green-Shelled Mussel. Known scientifically as perna canaliculus, the Green-Shelled Mussel comes from the pristine waters of the Marlborough Sound in New Zealand. As a combination of omega 3 essential fatty acids, the all-natural extract in Lyprinol® has been proven to be stable and beneficial to the […]


Introducing – Little Big Shot

Little BIG Shot is a Healthy Energy Drink, specially designed to meet active lifestyle challenges. It’s a refreshing blend of berry fruit juices combined with Ginseng and B vitamins. B vitamins are involved in the release of energy from food, help combat tiredness and fatigue and contribute to the maintenance of various metabolic processes. Little […]